Values, Velocity & Vibes

Dear Friend,

Lukas and I have created a monthly newsletter creatively called:

"The Letter"

And I'm going to shoot straight with you...

The Letter is not cheap and it's definitely NOT for everyone.

"The Letter" is an offline newsletter. That means it's paper & ink, delivered to your mailbox. Not the digital mailbox, the one sitting at the end of your driveway (or wherever you have your direct mail sent).

The Letter is not for the cognitively lazy or for business owners on a tight budget (even though it works out to be $4.84 a day, we do not want anyone going into debt to subscribe)... or anyone that can't focus for a few minutes to implement something that will change their business and their life for the better.

This Letter is also not for you if...

  • You value your money more than your time. It's simple, if you have more time to kill and less money to spend, you can piece together the information available to you to free to get to a point where you're busy and making money. The Letter is a trade-off, you're trading money for focus and for speed Velocity.

  • You're not clear on your Values. Velocity requires knowing where you're at and where you want to be. To figure out the latter, you need to have values. If you don't know who you are, what you want or what you stand for, I'm not sure the Letter will help you.

  • You're looking to adopt someone else's Values. We do not want you to adopt our Values, we want you to build the life you want based on yours.

  • You can't let yourself Vibe. Some call it intuition, others call it consciousness. Our friend Chris Voss calls it "your gut". Vibes is all about learning to trust yourself as you grow, to develop your gut. If you can't Vibe, you're going to get frustrated and make us look bad.

If that's you, go no further.

The world is enormous. There is a place for you somewhere...

It's just not here.

The Letter is for you if...

You are a business owner, entrepreneur or investor serious about living your best life while playing your game, your way..and you'd like to take most efficient path forward.

If you are still here..

Here's what we recommend you do:

Request an invitation to join the waitlist for when the cart opens.

It will have all the details.

... and then decide if you want to get on the waiting list.

What Happens After You Request An Invitation?

It's super simple:

You will get an email from It will have all the current & up-to-date details about the Letter with an invitation to put yourself on the waitlist.

That's it.

We only take a small number of new subscribers each enrollment period, and they are invited individually in the order they applied for the waitlist, so we have no reason to flood your inbox with marketing messages.

Note: We know this isn't the "greased-slide", no-brainer offer or funnel everyone tell us we "need" to be "successful". In our experience, when you make total no-brainer offers you end up with clients with no brains. Imagine that. And, when make your product more "convenient" to purchase (by removing an extra sixty seconds of work), you end up with the same no-brain buyers, PLUS the ones that are incapable of doing more than sixty seconds of work.

Convenience will move mountains for consumer products looking to maximize sales.

This just ain't one of those products.

Request an invitation to see more about what it is & what it's not.

See you on the other side,

Nic Peterson

Lukas Resheske